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Get your Road ID through Club Scrub.  When we find your broken body on the side of the trail, you'll be glad you have one.  We also get a 10% commission!

You'd probably expect to donate $25.00 to own this fabulous Club Scrub t-shirt. But wait! Act now and the Club Scrub t-shirt can be yours for the incredibly low donation of $15.00 !!! But wait! That's not all! Not only do you get the wheel eating gator logo in glorious color on the front, but now it comes with the Camp Murphy Bike Trail logo on the back! Get one by coming out to the trail head on work days or events.





Club Scrub Mountain Biking Club Would like to invite you to our Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day Event & The Grand Opening of the New Kid’s Trails Bobcat & Little Cat At Camp Murphy in Jonathan Dickinson State Park.

Biking Fun for all Ages...

Strider Time Trials

Kids Time Trials

Guided Trail Rides for All Ages

Food & Fun


Who: All ages are welcome you or your child must be comfortable on 2 wheels in order to participate

Where: Camp Murphy Trail Head in Jonathan Dickinson State Park

16450 SE Federal Hwy Hobe Sound FL 33455

Maps will be provided at ranger station/entrance gate.

Cost: This is a FREE EVENT but there is an Entrance Fee to get into the park...

$6.00 per vehicle. Limit 2-8 per vehicle.

$4.00 Single-occupant vehicle or motorcycle

$2.00 Pedestrians, bicyclists, extra passengers & passengers in vehicle who holds an annual pass , or you could....


Join Club Scrub now for $30 and receive 12 free admissions.


Each Rider Child / Adult will need To Bring:

Bike with fat knobby tires in working condition

Helmets are Required

Water bottle

Closed Toe Shoes Required

Gloves recommended


A Consenting Adult

Signed Liability Waiver


Online Registration is required (CLICK HERE)

This will help us ensure that we are adequately staffed for the event. Parents or accompanying adults will need to sign a waiver before the ride. Parents/participating adults are highly encouraged to join the kids for the ride or cheer them on from the sides of the trail.

Note: Parents/Guardians are expected to stay.
We are also seeking volunteers (Kids and Adults) for all aspects of the event including: Trail Guides / Skill Clinic Leaders / Bike Safety Checks / Bike Mechanics / First Aid Station / Water Stations / Food & Beverage Stations / Donations

We ask if you can reach out to your local bike shops and area businesses to post flyers & all support & donations are appreciated.
Club Scrub is a non-profit organization established in May 2000 in conjunction with JDSP officials to coordinate and promote off-road bicycling. Your tax deductible membership dollars will help develop new trails, support trail maintenance and fund educational programs on environmental issues affecting the park and the local community.

For event information contact or

For volunteer information contact



The Leach is coming!


Half Pipe Sand Ladders!

Half Pipe gets some new sand Ladders!


The New Lake Trail!

Check out the new beginning of Lake trail!


Sand Ladders

How to build a sand ladder!


Turf Stone

New turfstone...


Lake Trail Sand Ladders

...and sand ladders!


Tortoise work

A hint of things to come... Check out the beginning of Tortoise when you get a chance!


Rebuilt the downhill ground ladders & little drop on Tortoise!

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Trail News


We Need Volunteers!

We are trying to get our trails ready for our big TAKMD event in a few weeks at JDSP. Our trails are riding better than ever because Dorsey and his few volunteers are out there almost daily. To get ready for the event we could use more help, so we are going to have a 3 DAYS OF TRAIL MAINTAINENCE THIS WEEKEND!

Friday morning on 9/26

Saturday afternoon on 9/27

Sunday morning on 9/28

Please spread the word and share among your MTB buddies. Park opens at 8am and we meet at the trailhead. Thank you!!


We will have a membership tent set up on site this weekend. If you keep forgetting to join Club Scrub until you get the entrance gate and pay $6 when you could have joined Club Scrub and received free admission

We will be pre-selling raffles for TKMBD event on 10/4



10/1/14 Trail is running good with a lots of rain in the forecast! Camp Murphy doesn't flood!! Probable cool front for Sunday!

Note: There is a new kids trail open. Start at the main trailhead and it starts right after the pump track as you head towards Tortoise trail.

Bobcat Kids Trail

We need the following to keep up the good work on the trails...

-New and Used Pressure Treated (PT) Lumber

-PT Dock Planks and Pilings

-PT Decking and Telephone Poles


Recent Maintenance

9/30/14 Hare has an awesome ending now, check it out!

9/8/14 Bobcat & Little Cat kids trails are now open!

4/22/13 Check out the big intersection where Ranger, Fire Ring, Prickly Pear and Hare come together. Let's just say it's been highly modified by our hard working crew!

3/16/13 A little jump was installed on Ranger as well as a berm. Major sandbusting took place on Chip's Drop on Middle Ridge. Also, the end of Doe has a nice berm now.

2/17/13 The beginning of Big Burn & the end of Middle Ridge had some tight spots that were trimmed

2/15/13 Prickly Pear & the beginning of 8/10 have been trimmed

2/13/13 Bunker Hill, Gator Hole & the back half of Hare have been trimmed

2/7/13 The Half Pipe Bypass has been trimmed. More wood ground ladders have been added to Half Pipe along with some structural improvements

1/12/13 Some sections of Middle Ridge & 8/10 were trimmed

1/11/13 Some storm caused downed trees have been cleared from the trail. More wood sand ladders have been added to Half-Pipe

12/24/13 Shellrock and wood ground ladders were placed on Middle Ridge. Wood ground ladders were placed on Big Burn.

12/22/13 Shellrock was placed on Ranger, Lake and Middle Ridge. Wood ground ladders were placed on Big Burn, Palmetto and Half Pipe...lots of new features to ride!

12/14/13 400ft of wood ground ladders were built and will be placed on the trails over the next several days. Shellrock was placed on the beginning of the Lake trail

10/17/13 The end of Big Burn, beginning of Fire Ring, all of Gator Hole and all of Bunker Hill have recently been trimmed

10/4/13 Shell Rock berms have been added to the middle of the Lake trail

9/13/13 Sand ladders were placed on the beginning of the Middle Ridge trail

9/12/13 Sand ladders were built and placed on the middle of the Lake trail

9/6/13 Sand ladders were placed on the end of the Lake trail

9/5/13 In 2 hours a team of workers busted out a bunch of sand ladders soon to be placed on the trail.

8/14/13 Tortoise got a second helping of Turfstone on a sandy downhill S-turn

8/13/13 Lake got more shellrock & turfstone just after the last big drop

8/10-11/2013 This weekend we put down 200 bales of pine straw. Tortoise, Ranger, Lake, Palmetto, Prickly Pear, Silo and Hare all got pine straw on the sandy uphills. We also staged 8 pallets of turfstones & placed 4 pallets of those in the S-turns after the beginning of the Ranger. To top it off we put down about 20 tons of shellrock! Give the pinestraw a couple of rains to settle in and take it easy the first time on the turfstones on Ranger & Lake. Pinestraw was also added to the last sandy climb on 8/10

7/31/13 Half-Pipe got a nice trim and some structural adjustments

7/19/13 Sandbusting ground ladders have been laid down on a section of Middle Ridge

7/19/13 The S-turn at the beginning of Tortoise has been bermed for your pleasure. Also the main downhill on this trail has new sand ladders

5/16/13 100 bales of pine straw has been laid in various spots. Ride the trail and see for yourself!

4/18/13 Tortoise has a new berm where it takes a left turn near the paved path. There is also a new up & down just down the trail from that. Also Osprey, Root Loop & Doe have been trimmed. Big Burn has been trimmed up to the maintenance shed.

2/22/13 The Gator Hole has been trimmed

2/1/13 The Half-Pipe Bypass has been trimmed & a little mulch thrown down





















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