Ladies Only All Skills No Drop Group Ride Sat April 29

Ladies Only All Skills No Drop Group Ride Sat April 29

Ladies Only All Skills No Drop Group Ride Sat April 29

We will ask you to arrive early @ 8:30, so we can check your seat height, tire pressure, and answer any questions you may have.

We will be onsite @ 8:00 am for general questions about your bike & setup; but unfortunately, we are unable to do bike repairs at the trail. So please take your bikes prior to the event to your local bike shop to get checked out. Please arrive with your bike in working condition.

A group chat go over some basics and talk about your skill levels. Gather by skill and ride as a group ride again. It is more fun, riders will natural break into smaller groups and we will have riders break with you. We will have several riders to riding sweep who can drop in backs of all groups. We want everyone to have fun, and feel safe. We may break the beginner, the beginner beginners off.

Remember it is the last Saturday of every month.

This ride is to encourage all ladies regardless of skill or age to get out there and ride. It is a free event. Please share with all your girlfriends. We encourage everyone just to have fun & enjoy the ride!

A helmet is required. A MTB Bike is required with knobby tires and it is recommended to have front suspension, but not required. If you are unsure if your bike is designed to handle and off-road trails, stop by your local bike shop and ask. If you show up with the wrong bike, there are areas beside our area where you can ride. You can still join us and maybe you can borrow a bike.

If you fall in love with MTBing and you plan to ride more at JD, and you paid cash to get into park, we recommend you join Club Scrub, but not required.  It is $40 and you receive 12 FREE park admissions and discounts at bike shops form Vero to Broward.  Join Today!

We also have a Facebook page Sugar Sand Sweeties where we can connect with our lady MTBers. We encourage you to join and find new friends to ride with.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Juliana at