Ladies Only All Skills No Drop Sunset Group Ride POSTPONED

Club Scrub’s Ladies Only All Skills

No Drop Sunset Group Ride

At Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Camp Murphy MTB Trails


There is nothing more beautiful than the sunset at JD. 

We will ask you to arrive early, so we can check your seat height, tire pressure, and answer any questions you may have.

We will be onsite @ 5:00 to answer any questions you may have about seat height, tire pressure etc…We will have a few demos so if you need one contact us in advance. Susanna Broxmeyer of The Bike Shop in Stuart may have demos, and she will be there with her team to answer questions.

A group chat so we can go over some basics and talk about your skill levels. We gather by skill and ride as a group ride. Riders will natural break into smaller groups and we will have riders break with you. We will have several riders to riding sweep, so don’t worry if you drop back.  We want everyone to have fun, and feel safe.

We will break the beginner, the beginner beginners off.
Caroline Westervelt , is one of our certified instructors, who will be teaching basic skills to the beginners.

This ride is to encourage all ladies regardless of skill or age to get out there and ride. It is a free event. Please share with all your girlfriends. We encourage everyone just to have fun & enjoy the ride!

A helmet is required. A MTB Bike is required with knobby tires and it is recommended to have front suspension, but not required. If you are unsure if your bike is designed to handle and off-road trails, stop by your local bike shop and ask.

If you show up with the wrong bike, there are areas beside our area where you can ride. You can still join us and maybe you can borrow a bike. We often have extra bikes onsite, send us a message in advance if you need a bike.

These rides are designed to encourage all ladies regardless of skill or age to get out there and ride.

We are thrilled to see that our passion for riding has spread. Nothing can make us smile more than arriving at the trail and seeing several groups of ladies riding together.

We encourage you to use the Sugar Sand Sweeties Facebook page to find friends to ride with. You can post a ride or find a ride. They do not have to be at JD, they can be Dyer, Halpatiokee, Apoxee or anywhere.

RSVP on our Facebook event 

Club Scrub is the non-profit organization MTB Club,  who hosts our rides. The only monetary funding Club Scrub uses to manage and maintain all 9 miles of trails is from donations, memberships, and sponsorships. Without this club, we wouldn’t have such amazing trails, where we can encourage new riders of all ages but especially for our ladies events.

If you are interested in getting involved. Memberships start at $ 40 you get 12 FREE Park entries into the park and you get discounts at all the bike shops. and some local businesses. It pays for itself in no times.

Please get involved Join, Renew, Donate, Sponsor, or Volunteer and help us raise money !! Join Today.

questions please contact or 561-313-7250.